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Below are some videos available for you to watch from the site. Click the "film" icon or the Title to play.

Link Title Format, Duration Date
Two Salmon caught on Camera underwater, spawning 2016 youtube, ~2m 13 Dec 2016
Malcolm Dutchman-Smith on Beat 2 youtube, ~4m 16 Aug 2016
Opening Ceremony (full) youtube, 31m 57s 21 Jan 2016
Kevin Sinclair playing springer on Beat 9 youtube, 1m 21s 31 Mar 2015
Meet the Ghillies! youtube, 7m 51s 15 Feb 2015
2015 Opening Ceremony youtube, 10m 14 Jan 2015
2014 Opening Ceremony youtube, 13m 12 Jan 2014
Salmon running the pass at Loch More

youtube, 21m

26 Oct 2013

2013 Opening Ceremony

youtube, 10m

11 Jan 2013

Parramore Dedication

youtube, 4m

20 Aug 2012

Thurso River Air Tour!

youtube, 17m 52s

7 Jan 2012

Alternative to Spawning Video, 2012  

youtube, 29m 19s

24 Jan 2012

Fish Spawning, 2012  

youtube, 7m 16s

24 Jan 2012

Opening Ceremony 2012

youtube, 9m 3s

11 Jan 2012

Nigel Griffiths playing two salmon

youtube, 8m 57s

Aug 2011

Duncan Laird (9 yrs) landing first salmon

youtube, 5m 28s

23 July 2011

Opening Ceremony 2011

youtube, 6m 16s

11 Jan 2011

Spawning Nov 2010

youtube, 10m 58s

Nov 2010

Denise McCarthy landing first salmon

youtube, 3m 7s

Aug 2010

Hugh Britton landing salmon

youtube, 5m 9s

Aug 2010

Eddie's grandson Ryan playing salmon

youtube, 3m 20s

Aug 2010

Opening Ceremony 2010

youtube, 4m 8s

Jan 2010

Phil Mitchell playing salmon (1/2)

youtube, 2m 19s

August 2009

Phil Mitchell playing salmon (2/2)

youtube, 3m 35s

August 2009

Planting Out Salmon Fry 2009

youtube, 8m 25s

May 2009

Opening Ceremony 2009

youtube, 6m 27s

Jan 2009

Spawning 2008

wmv, 53mb

Nov 2008

Opening Ceremony 2008

wmv, 39mb

Jan 2008

Hatchery 2006

wmv, 28mb

Dec 2006

Spate October 26th 2006

wmv, 32mb

Oct 2006

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