The Private Beat .



The Private Beat, in its present form, only came into existence in 1967.  In that year there was a major re-numbering of the Beats, for reasons which we will expand upon in a different part of the Site.


The current Private Beat used to be the tail end of what was the old Beat 12, which started at the Old Woman's Pool and ended at the Devil's Pool.


With the restructuring of the Beats, the present day Beat 11 started at the Snatch Pool (some three quarters of a mile above the Old Woman's Pool) and there were three small pools between these points. This Beat now ends at the Upper Sauce Pool.

Looking from the head of Hickson's Hole towards Maggie Dumpy.

Part of the reason for using this area as a private water was much to do with the spectacular scenery but also taken into consideration was the isolation and privacy.


The Queen Mother was a regular visitor down through the years as is Prince Charles in the present day.


Sporting legends Jack Nicklaus and David Seaman have also been guests on the Beat.

Aerial Video

The aerial video provides a more visual understanding of the Beat.

Satellite Photo

The satellite image with the Beat boundaries marked gives a fuller understanding of the layout of the Beat.