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Safety in the Peatlands


The Flow Country is a large expanse of unspoilt natural beauty.  On a typical day on Glutt Water the norm is that you will not encounter another human being.  It is very much you in the wild.  For that reason you should tread carefully.


Beyond the riverbanks walking can be uneven and difficult, so watch your footing.


Peat bogs abound.  Some are obvious, some are not.


Where possible follow deer tracks when venturing away from the riverbank.


You will quite quickly learn to identify the sensible route, but never become complacent or you will find yourself over knee deep in a bog which, even with assistance, can take some exertion to extricate yourself from.


Also remember that some parts of the river, above Loch More, are quite deep.  When wading take the usual precautions.


Be sensible, be safe.