Fishing .


An Introduction


The fishing available on the Thurso River includes salmon and trout fishing on Beat 1, salmon fishing on the Private Beat and trout fishing on Glutt Water, the Duck Loch and Loch Willan.

Fishing in these areas is arranged via River Superintendent, Eddie McCarthy or his designated representative, on behalf of Ulbster Estates (Sporting) Ltd.

Salmon Catch

The Private Beat

Beat 1The Private Beat has seven named Pools, in which, in excess of 150 fish are caught in a season. The Sauce Pool is a favourite of many because it holds a large number of fish and keeps the Angler interested. However, Maggie Dumpy, the Long Pool and the Castle Pool each give up many fish in the course of a season.

Beat One

Cemetery Bridge UpstreamBeat One extends from Geise Burn down to the sea. It is divided into three sections. The Upper Beat which runs from Geise Burn Pool down to the Cemetery Bridge. The Foundry Beat is between the Cemetery Bridge and the Swimming Pool Bridge, whilst the Tidal Beat is from below the Thurso Road Bridge down to the Salmon Bothy.

The Duck Loch

Duck LochThis is a Loch which has been well managed for many years and produces some very good trout. This Loch has a boat available to anglers.

Loch Willan

Loch WillanWhen the Sinclair Family took up residence in Dalnawillan Lodge over the Summer breaks, the youngsters of the family were regularly sent along to Loch Willan to get some trout for the breakfast table. As this Loch has not been fished on a regular basis for several years, we anticipate that it will be a great spot to teach youngsters as the fish are very free taking. This Loch has a boat available to anglers.

Glutt Water

Glutt Water The trout fishing available on the Glutt Water, to Dalnaha residents only, extends from Dalnawillan Lodge down to Loch More. There is a nice variation in water types from slow moving, deep pools to shallower “riffly” pools. A couple of pools, which were named some years ago, are the Boat Pool and the Ox Bow Pool.