Dalnawillan .


An Introduction


No.10 - Dalnawillan accommodation is situated in "The Flow Country", which is an area of deep peat, with many bog pools, that forms the heart of the Caithness and Sutherland peatlands.


With the hills of Ben Alisky, Morven and the Maiden Pap to the South, it sits in an vast area of natural beauty.


Wildlife abound in this undisturbed area with only the sound of the River Thurso flowing by, punctuating the silence.


Popular with both Shooting Parties and Anglers, the accommodation is also a perfect retreat for anyone looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of every day life.



Main Bedroom The accommodation is located over two floors with the lounge, dining area and fully fitted kitchen on the ground floor. Two bedrooms, one twin and one double and a bathroom with both shower and bath are on the upper floor.


Lounge Heating and hot water are supplied from the multi-fuel burner situated in the lounge. Electricity is supplied from a generator located close by the accommodation. Water is filtered and supplied from the nearby River Thurso.

Glutt Water

Glutt WaterFishing, for trout, on Glutt Water is exclusively available to the residents of Dalnawillan and Dalnaha Cottage.   Glutt Water extends from Dalnawillan Lodge downstream to where the River enters Loch More.

The Duck Loch

Duck LochTrout fishing is also available on the nearby Duck Loch.  Arrangements to fish on this Loch are made via the River Superintendent.

Loch Willan

Loch WillanAnother trout loch is Loch Willan which is located close to Dalnawillan Lodge. Arrangements to fish on this Loch are also made via the River Superintendent.




Satellite Photo

The satellite image gives a fuller understanding of the layout of the area.


An OS Online Map is available here.