Dalnaha .


A Photographer's Take - Ben McCarthy



The journey to Dalnaha has been one of the most ridiculous that I have ever made!

On a bright sunny day with big fluffy clouds slowly moving across the sky, I've had to stop every 50 yards or so, get out of the car ...........and reach for the camera!

With so much to explore around me and the light constantly changing everything looks so different every few minutes.

If I hear myself saying, "Now that would make a better shot!" in my head once more I'll......

...and as for the wildlife!

Who told these sparrows, etc. that they owned the road and that I was an intruder!

Like... "I'm sorry but I DO need to get past, even though you are sunning yourself there!"

Eventually I have arrived and I'm both tired and exhilarated.

So many photographic opportunities for landscapes, wildlife, etc.....but didn't I come here for a relaxing break!

A new day dawns, literally!

The slight shuffling sound outside my window, as the sun was rising, was a flock of geese!

No time to grab the camera as they will be startled and fly off!

I must leave it out overnight in future.

The sun rising over Loch More is spectacular and the hills in front of me, Ben Alisky and Morven, are awakening with the emerging daylight....breathtaking!

No time for breakfast, I can't miss this.

Reflecting, after my morning sustenance, I realise that this is a very special place.  One which I am going to enjoy immensely.

I remember the wise words I was told about not wandering too far off the beaten track, without checking it out first.  There are peat bogs here, wildlife and just me!

I need to control my wild side which has got me into one or two sticky situations in the past.

But the photographer in me drives me to explore, to take that shot from over there and there too, not forgetting there!

But what's the rush?

Everything around me is relaxed so I need to relax too.

Time to venture out and capture this beauty.