Dalnaha .


An Artist's Take - Barbara MacKay


As I awaken in the early morning, the sunlight is streaming through the bedroom window.

It is quiet, a quietness that many will never have experienced.

There is no urban or rural noise here, just silence!

A bird breaks into song!

I listen.

Is it calling its mate?

Are the sounds soft as the bird communicates with others or hard as it makes its presence known?

No, it is a melodious song, clearly attempting to impress a nearby potential mate!

Unintentionally, it is impressing me!

I could lie here all day, listening.

Barbara MacKay

But that would be the waste of a day, another day in glorious Dalnaha, where even though the surrounding hills, the nearby river and Loch More have been here forever, each day is different.

The lighting changes constantly and it stirs my soul.

Yesterday's painting presents me with a memory of a scene now gone.

Today is a fresh challenge to create tomorrow's memory.

After breakfast should I wander down to the Thurso River as it gently flows by on its journey to Loch More and beyond?   I better take my boots. I didn't like the soggy socks yesterday!

Perhaps I will stroll back along the road towards the Duck Loch or even take the 4x4 to Dalnawillan.

So many choices.

So many places to go.

So much I could do.

But life here is slow and to rush it would be disrespectful.

So I will just wander, without purpose, with my sketchpad, pencils and small stool, to see what the day offers me.

Whatever it is I will accept it graciously!

Life can be so good sometimes!

Note to self : Must remember to take a packed lunch.  I wouldn't want my rumbling tummy to disturb the silence.....like it did yesterday!